Awareness Training

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Many employers are missing out on talent and productivity that people with neurodiverse conditions can bring to the workplace, and a lot of that arises from simply not quite knowing what’s involved and not feeling able to ask questions.

I want to reduce that disconnect by providing straightforward training about what neurodiversity is, what the impact can be in the workplace and what easy adjustments can be made – some of which can be funded by DWP – to enable an employee to blossom.

Why would I undertake awareness training?

There are several brilliant reasons to undertake awareness training, including:

  • Improving your diversity, inclusion and equality ratings as an employer.
  • not being sure how to support someone in your organisation with a neurodiverse condition
  • finding out that you yourself have a neurodiverse condition

My awareness training is also a safe space to ask questions that you’re scared to ask, for fear of causing offence or feeling ignorant.

I offer one-to-one training for line managers, heads of department for business owners, group training for your HR workforce, and it can all be tailored to the needs of the organisation.

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